Change the Color of the Status Bar - StatusBarStyle Tutorial in Swift

How to Set Status Bar Style Color in Swift  The status bar can have a dark and light appearance inside your app In this tutorial the appearance of the status bar color will be changed try two type. This tutorial is made with Xcode 9 and built for iOS 11, swift 3 & swift 4.

1:- iOS 11 and Swift 4, Xcode 9

      Info.plist - add row View controller-based status bar appearance and set it to NO      In file appDelegate.swift -> didFinishLaunchingWithOptions in       UIApplication.shared.statusBarStyle = .lightContent  func application(_ application: UIApplication, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions:   [UIApplicationLaunchOptionsKey: Any]?) -> Bool {
    application.statusBarStyle = .lightContent // .default     return true }

2:- Add With a function =>Go to the ViewController.swift file and add the following lines of code.    override var preferredStatusBarStyle: UIStatusBarStyle {                       return .lightContent                 }

Design Patterns on iOS using Swift

Design Patterns on iOS using Swift - Singleton Design Pattern Example
iOS Design Patterns Tutorial - Design patterns are evolved as reusable solution to the problem that we encounter every day of programming
Types of Design Patterns - iOS Developer Live
Creational: This type design deals with the object creation and initialization.    Eg: Singleton, Factory, Abstract Factory.
Structural: This type design pattern deals with class and object composition Eg: MVC, Decorator, Adapter, Bridge, Facade.
Behavioral: Deals with the communication between classes and object    Eg: Observer, and, Memento

Creational Pattern - Singleton Design Patterns Creational Pattern - Only one Instance of a particular classes, singleton pattern belongs to Ceational type pattern, This pattern is used when we need to ensure that only one object of a particular class need to be created. Only one object available across the application in a controlled  Declaring all constructor of the class to be privateProvide static met…

How to Designing for iPhone X iOS Swift

Designing for iPhone X iOS Swift

iPhone X features an all-screen Super Retina display, providing more space to display content and create deeply immersive experiences. Learn how to design your app or game to look and feel great on iPhone X, and all iOS devices. Click Here

How Create Animated Circle Progress Bar iOS 11 Swift 4

Animated Circle Progress Bar iOS 11 Swift 4

With MBCircularProgressBar -

A circular, animatable & highly customizable progress bar from the Interface Builder Swift, Using pod fite MBCircularProgressBar Installation Cocoapods terminal.

pod "MBCircularProgressBar"

That - A Simple Steps to installed pod file -        Open terminal       Command on terminal go to project folder Cd path       set your project path on terminal.       command : pod init       open pod file - open -e podfile       added in pod file with in : pod "MBCircularProgressBar"       Command : Pod install       Close project of Xcode       open your Project from terminals       Command : open PodDemos.xcworkspace After opern StoryBoard and Now drag a UIView over the viewController in storyboard

Or set UIView Constraint width, height or verticle or horzentail space and set a class MBCircularProgressBarView in StoryBoard. Open Atribute inspector and cust…

XML Parsing Web Service with Custom Objects Parameter in iOS With Swift - Tutorial

XML Parsing Web Service or Custom Objects Parameter in iOS With Swift - Example

What is XML? or How to Read XML Files From the WebXML is a text file with special opening and closing tags. Most of these tags look like HTML, however there’s a difference: there are no reserved tags. Parse a simple XML document from URL and convert it into objects. The author makes up whatever tags they want. For example this is properly formed XML-

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <book id="1">
        <title>To Kill a Mockingbird</title>
        <author>Harper Lee</author>
    <book id="2">
        <author>George Orwell</author>
    <book id="3">
        <title>The Lord of the Rings</title>
        <author>J.R.R Tolkien</author>
    <book id="4">